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Welcome to the Arts For Life
Keepsake Collection!

Arts For Life depends on the generosity of friends like you to serve children and families battling serious illness and disabilities. In 2010, we provided nearly 20,000 high-quality art and music lessons to over 4,700 children and teens and their family members. We are deeply grateful for your donation.

We are honored to offer you a keepsake to help you remember how important you are in these young patients' lives.

$100 donation - 16x20" matted art print by an Arts For Life student (image size 10.5x13.5")

$50 donation - 11x14" matted art print by an Arts For Life student (image size 7.5x9.5")

$35 donation - pack of twelve cards (3 different animal paintings) with envelopes by Arts For Life students

$25 donation - 8x10" matted art print by an Arts For Life student (image size 4.5x6.5")

$15 donation - pack of five thank-you cards with envelopes by an Arts For Life student

By donating to Arts For Life, you are sustaining educational art programs for young patients and families across North Carolina. Thank you for your gift!

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and you will receive an acknowledgement letter for your records included with your print or cards.

Arts For Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people facing serious illnesses. By providing educational art programs, we enrich patients’ lives, nurture their minds and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences for children and their families. Arts For Life helps children everyday in four cities across North Carolina.
Our visual art, creative writing, and music programs decrease patient stress and anxiety, keep patients active and engaged, and help families cope with the realities of illness.